Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i got hitched

So the wedding was a big success, in that it did, in fact, marry us, and that it went pretty smoothly, too. It was pretty great, actually, but like all our friends told us, it also went by in a snap. So much build up for one quick day. But it was worth it. We're waiting on pictures now, and a video.

So now that we're married, we thought it'd save time and trouble if we just kept the world up on our comings and goings with just one blog. Here is that blog:


Thanks to those of you who came to visit this little one-year storybook of mine. Even though there won't be anymore posts here, I'll keep it online for a while, in case you really liked the speedo story or the medovník recipe and can't live without 'em. And such.

Tak. Sbohem, old blog. I hope to see ya'll at the new place, friends.

Na shledanou.