Monday, May 29, 2006


Like most people I've ever heard of, I've never met my great-great-great grandmother. I'm not very disappointed by this, and I'm sure she would have felt the same way, really. But when I first came to the Czech Republic, my great grandmother (we call her Granny) reminded me that we had relatives from Bohemia---my great grandfather's grandmother came from a small village in what is now central Czech called Velvary.

I remember seeing a picture of her once---when I was building a family tree in the 3rd grade. I only remember her last name---Kerr, which sounds more German than Czech to me, but even now it's not uncommon for Czechs to have German names, and before fifty years ago Bohemia was home to a large German community. Granny tells me that the Kerr family left Velvary and Bohemia to come to the United States to be missionaries. It's an interesting turn of the story that I should return to their home as a Christian-in-another-place just as they left it.

I have no idea at all where they might have lived or what work they did, but here are some pictures I took this weekend when Chrissy and I went to Velvary for an afternoon.


At 30/5/06 08:51, Blogger James said...

Looks like an enjoyable little place. Sometimes Orange County just gets so boring...

At 2/6/06 16:49, Anonymous denim woman said...

Thanks so much for going Granny appreciates it too. Love you!


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