Monday, May 22, 2006

may photo album

The Czech language is rich, deep and beautiful in its own right. But just like English, Czech has borrowed lots of words from other languages, one of them being English. So, oftentimes when I ask how to say such-and-such, it turns out the Czech word sounds practically the same. And as untinteresting as it sounds, this has been happening a lot lately. Yep.

All this is to say: the Czech word for "photograph" is fotka, the word for "camera" is fotoaparát, and the word for "to take a photograph" is fotografovat.

Tak. Tady jsou fotky:

Early this month Petr and Jirka challenged me to a bike ride through the mighty hill country that surrounds Sokolov. The way included "only" three large hills and a fair sampling of the tiny villages that pepper the Czech countryside, topping off at a hunter's pub on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake still ringed by patches of snow. Props to Petr, who had no idea why I kept telling him to lean forward.

Ivana, Ivana, Pepa, Eva and myself---the crowd formerly known as the Club Actus Club, also known as the White Elephant crew---here enjoying a little přestávka before continuing our little nature hike.

This is the administrator team Chrissy and I serve on this year. From the left, that's Beth (another Sokolover!), Aaron (our intrepid Country Director), Mike, me and Chrissy (who is quite lovely, no?). We had a meeting at the end of April outside on Prauge's Petřin Hill. Just being outside after the long winter was delicious.

Some boys from 4TL (Petr, Vašek and Jirka) take aim during last bell ringing. Wet English teacher was the result.

The crew from 4PE (Shed'a, Sobi, Lukaš, Vlád'a, Pipa, Peši, Mr. M, Bajci and Jindra---and that's me in the mirror) stops by for a visit to my office to say goodbye on last bell ringing day.

And here's Zach (far right) and me right after crossing the starting line at the Prague International Marathon a week or so ago. Check out my little running shorts, sported with an authentic Delivery Boys T-shirt.

And this is me after finishing! I didn't feel nearly as good as I look in this picture.

A group of us teachers out in the western part of the Czech---we call ourselves the West Bohemia Social Club---put on a fancy-dress dinner party for whoever wanted to come visit this weekend. Part of the deal was that anybody who came had to come up with a little skit to perform in the middle of the evening. This is the crew from Prague, who, mindful of tasty local treats, threw together an oplatky-eating race. Sam, third from the left, was the decisive (and dry-mouthed) victor.


At 22/5/06 23:18, Anonymous medicine_man said...

Definently the legs of an Agee male.

At 23/5/06 01:58, Blogger Abbers said...

I will send you some sunless taner for the leg problem... For some reason the Nair comercial keeps running through my head...... "Who wears short shorts!?!!!" I think the answer is you Mr Agee man.

At 23/5/06 16:42, Anonymous denim woman said...

Oh goodie. I as usual, have a few comments;
1)We seem to have a thing about anlters, hum Ab? 2)Yes indeedy Chrissy is lovely 3)You would be the headless guy then? 4)Would you be wearing your little shorts this summer around the house? I thought not.


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