Tuesday, May 09, 2006

maturitas, for example

So over here at ISŠTE we're in the thick of maturita season. The written parts happened over the past three weeks, and the practical/mechanical parts start today. But the pudding to be proven starts in exactly 13 days when the oral examinations begin. Ideally speaking, these oral exams are a grand culmination of four years of study, a highwater mark for my students. In actuality, I think it's one of the scariest things I've ever seen, and selfishly I'm grateful I didn't have to take something like maturitas to graduate from high school.

Let's have my friend Jana Napříkladová walk us through a typical maturita exam:

Ahoj! Jana here, and today is my maturita exam! Please pray to the God for me!

For the past year, we have been learning (present perfect continuous) hardly (she means hard) in all our classes, preparing for maturity. Today I must make maturity for Czech language, mathematics, physics and English language. Everybody students must make maturity for Czech language and some foreign language. I chose English, but most of my friends at ISŠTE chose Germany language.

I go with Tomáš, Honza and Lenka (from her class) today. Our class teacher and the deputies made us a group together for this day a month ago. We must go with nice clothes, and we make all maturity today.

It is half past eight in the morning, and I am not so lucky, so I must be first. First is Czech language, and I am nervous because this is most difficult. The test is for 15 minutes, and we must to have memorized many informations about the Czech literature and many important dates and names and parts of the Czech grammar, which is difficult. We must tell it to our Czech language teacer and to the other judges. I think, that Czech language maturita is most difficult. I hope I will not have 5 (five is the worst grade in the Czech system, sort of like an American "F"---Jana and her classmates hope for a "1").

When I will be finished with this test, after me will be Tomáš, and he will make maturita in Czech language, and then Honza, and then Lenka. When Lenka will be finished, I must make my maturita for mathematics. Then will be Tomáš and Honza and Lenka again for mathematics, and then I must go in once more for physics maturita, and like this again Tomáš, Honza and Lenka after I. I think, that we will be very tired.

At the finish I must go in for English language. We have been learning (Jana knows her p.p.c.) many topics in English class this year, for example, United States, Canada, Shakespeare, foods, travelling, and the post office. So, I must first take from hat a number from Mr. Šmejkal, and then I must prepare (for) 15 minutes. (Note: we've studied a list of 25 different topics this year, like Jana mentioned, and each has a matching English grammar point. Jana will only discuss one of these topics with us---the one that matches the number she drew.)

When my 15 minutes are "up," I must to go to the table where is Mr. Agee and Mr. Šmejkal, and I must to speak about my topic and English grammar, and too, about transaltion (from English into Czech). Too, when begins my English examination, Tomáš will to enter and take a number from hat from Mr. Šmejkal and he must to prepare when I am making mz (on Czech keyboards, "y" and "z" switch places) English maturita.

When Lenka will be finished with her English maturita, we all must go together into the testing room, and all our teachers and the judges and a people from Ministry of Education will tell us our marks and we will be finished with maturitas! I hope I will be lucky!

Thank you! Jana :-)


At 9/5/06 21:19, Anonymous denim woman said...

Thanks Joel! That makes it sound even scarier than when you described it. The pictures helped too. Again. Good job

At 9/5/06 21:45, Blogger Abbers said...

Tell Jana I hope she did well. It makes Senior project seem very very easy.

At 12/5/06 18:28, Blogger Beth said...

Naprikladova? Oh Joel, you make me laugh.


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