Wednesday, December 07, 2005

the million dollar questions

So about a month ago my friend and fearless leader Aaron was visiting for some reason or other, and I told him that I was planning to propose to Chrissy. He listened to my scheme and called it good. And then he told me after you're engaged, get ready for the two million-dollar questions:

1. How did you do it?

2. When is the big day?

3. Would you like your $2 million in cash or check?

Here is my attempt to answer these questions for the blogging world.

1. How did you do it? Subterfuge, lads, subterfuge. The night started out like any normal "date night." I made reservations at a nice restaurant---but not give-it-away nice. It was a Mexican restaurant (at least about as Mexican as one can find in Prague). After that, the plan was to go see the new Harry Potter movie, which had just opened in Prague that night.

Here's us before dinner. The awesome duds you see me wearing are my Mexican Food Eating/Clever Decoy ("He'd never ask me in so awesome of duds as those!") Shirt. And so we went to our dinner, hungry for nachos, and willing to drop some serious change to get 'em. We had some pleasant dinner conversation, talked about seeing the movie that night (wink), and enjoyed our fancy Mexican feast.

As the time approached for us to leave, I stepped away to "use the bathroom" (i.e. make a phone call), and when I returned, Chrissy took her chance to, er, "powder her nose." As soon as she stepped into the bathroom, I went into action. I quickly called my friend Mike (another ESIer), who was waiting just outside, who now entered the restaurant with The Package in hand. Here we swapped: he took my seat and I took The Package. Then I ran.

I ran outside and down the street, where I found another restaurant, where, finding the bathroom, I opened The Package. Inside: a suit, long underwear, hand warmers, shoes and The Ring. It was a small bathroom. The kind of bathroom that puts the "Closet" in "Water Closet." It was tight quarters to make a complete change of clothes, but it worked out swell.

Meanwhile, Chrissy finished her business in the washroom and returned to the dining room---to her astonishment, seeing Mike there in my place, wearing a suit no less (Mike was on his way to a huge student dance---the maturitní ples---see this blog come February for details). Mike made pleasant conversation, informing her that I had gone and that he would be escorting her around the city for a while. He also gave her an envelope, which contained a tram ticket, some of those same hand warmers, and a love note ;) Then they were on their way to...Chrissy didn't know yet...why should you?

...the next meeting point, a quaint coffee house in the cosmopolitan Smichov district, where our heroine met Sarah and Christie (two more ESIers), who gave her another envelope (with another note), and who led her to the next meeting point, a parking structure---a place that can only be made romantic by a story. This story will not be included here. It suffices to say that a parking structure indeed was a romantic location.

Here the trio met Beth, who passed off envelope #3 (another love note ;). All along the way, Chrissy's great guides (my much-appreciated helpers) took the whole thing into their hands, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. And they all were nonchalant about where they were leading her, what they were doing, the works. And Chrissy kept getting more and more exciting, and her voice kept getting higher and higher...

Here's Chrissy after she discovered the power of those hand warmers. If you know Chrissy, you know that she's wearing winter coats by about the end of August.

Beth dropped Chrissy off just in front of Taneční Dům---what the Czechs call the "Dancing House." For me, this is a special place; when I was in my freshman year at Vanguard, I bought a poster of this building, thinking it was neat, framed it, and hung it on the wall of three different dorm rooms. All the while I didn't know that after Vanguard God would call me to that same country; after three years of looking at Prague, I was going to Prague. God's sense of humor, eh? So Taneční Dům is a symbol---an Ebenezer, if you will---of God's leading in my life. So here I asked Chrissy to be my wife.

She said yes.


2. When is the big day? Well, we made a pact not to talk about it. Once the wedding door is opened, I kinda think there'll be no closing it, draft and all. Nevertheless, the rough idea for a date is this summer, the last part of July to the beginning of August.

3. Would you like your $2 million in cash or check?

In the words of Lucy VanPelt: "What I really want? Real estate."


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Lucy seems to speak from experience.

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